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We are YouTech Company.

Founded in 2009 by young people interested in technology and business, YouTech has been developed continuously over 3 years. With a tiny number of starting people, ours has increased the staff by 500%, open the market to over 50 countries on the world and contribute hundreds CMS products to open-source-code forums and portals. In the future, we will widen product types but still primarily focus on popular CMS. Our aim is to be acknowledged as the world's leading CMS development.

Our Work

SmartAddons offers flexible website solutions based on Joomla and WordPress platforms. This website specialize in developing templates, extensions and components for web CMS.

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MagenTech provides extensions, themes and all related others for eCommerce website based on Magento platform.

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CmsPortal is a directory for all things from CMS, eCommerce to Forums. They are extensions, templates, components and news for building a website.

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Senior PHP Developer

Quantity: 05 All products from Youtech based on PHP Program. We are looking for skilled programmer who possesses good logic, programming knowledge and professional work behaviour to join our team.

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XHTML/CSS Developer

Quantity: 05 Are you interested in connecting the work of a graphic designer and a web developer? If you desire to transform a web design into a usable web technology files, try this job.

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Technical Supporter

Quantity: 02 Enjoy working with customers, love discovering new technical environments on various servers and have a good skill with CMS development. Let apply your CV to us!

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Linux Server Administrator

Quantity: 01 Do you have excellent understanding of Server Administrator? Don't let this chance slip off your finger. You will be managed a system with full of network softwares and hardwares of us.

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Online Marketing

Quantity: 02 You love a creative and dynamic job of Marketing, don't you? Come and let us know about your wanting. We're sure that you will be loved by many things from here.

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Coming soon

Working for YouTech means becoming part of a diverse, global company with bright future. Great growth. Great people. Great opportunities. If these sound exciting for you, YouTech may be the right place for you.

Our culture is built on employees' energy and we work hard to make YouTech a great place to work. Here is a snapshot of what else you can experience by joining our team:

Great growth

With 10.000+ members, 35.000+ downloads from 50+ various countries in the world access the store we pride ourselves on being a truly international company. These won't stop and will grow up in the future. Our growth is your opportunity!

Great people

We have approximately 30 employees in various professional, trades and certifications come from many areas in the country. Working with YouTech, you will be worked with friendly, creative, smart, dynamic and humorous people.

Great opportunities

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